25/07/2018 - Mạnh Hiếu
Bitcoin is on the remarkable growth momentum, the market has a strong "pump" in a short time. Today, together with CoinExtra explores the reasons why Bitcoin may be breaking into the biggest bull run in history.


In December of 2017, Bitcoin witnessed its the greatest volatility in the history of development and formation. Bitcoin has witnessed remarkable growth, and also a staggering drop. This instability has led many questions whether Crypto is indeed the future of money.
However, amid rumors that Bitcoin is still a bubble, more optimistic signs have been emerged. Market veterans have predicted that Bitcoin will be back to Bull Run for a more dramatic run by the end of 2017.
What is Bull Run?
Bull run is a term taken from the stock market, but when applied to the Crypto market, it still has the same meaning. There are two terms used to describe the current trends of the stock market:
Bull market is the market in the upward momentum. Investors will be excited during Bull Run.
Later this year,  It is expected to have a new Bull Run.




Bitcoin has experienced the Bull Run in the past, but most notably from the beginning of 2016.
Bitcoin has made steady gains before entering into the bull run. However, it must be said that the market in this period has grown steadily, at a fairly reasonable level. In April 2017, a Bitcoin was worth $ 1349, which shows a significant increase from 2016, a sign of a strong uptrend of Bitcoin, but this is only the startup of the terrible stages later.
In August 2017, a Bitcoin was worth  $ 4,764. Then, in October, there was a slight correction before entering a non-stop race on value. Just two months later, in December 2017, the value of Bitcoin reached $ 13,860, an increase by more than $ 12,000 over the same period in December 2016.
There are up, there are down.
At the peak of value, most Bitcoin investors have predicted that this currency would need to have adjustments to be stabilized in value. For each Bull run of the market, there will be a similar Bear Run to conform to the rules of nature, there are up, there are down.
However,  Bitcoin's adjusted momentum seems a little bit more expensive than expected, Bitcoin's value went down to $ 5,560. There are a number of reasons for this, most likely to come from the Bitcoin blockade of the Korean market.
This has led to a long-term correction for the market, however, looking at the annual growth of the market is not negative at all.
Annual comparison shows that Bitcoin is ensuring growth over the years. Despite so much adjustment, the Bitcoin value will increase steadily over time.
According to Bitcoin News
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