23/07/2018 - Thúy Huyền
CoinExtra is pleased to inform:


On the occasion that CoinExtra has listed  CEC - COINEXTRA CURRENCY at, since 03.07.2018, CoinExtra applies the following preferential policies:
  1. In order to thank customers for contributions during over time, CoinExtra will return all transaction fees to all customers who made transactions on CoinExtra from 26.02.2018 to 30.06.2018.
       All transaction fees will be returned directly to customers’s CEC wallet with the amount of CEC at the exchange rate: 1 CEC = 23000 VND.
To own CEC wallet, please see detailed intructions at
  1. In August, customers will be returned transactions fee with CEC to customer’s CEC wallet.
      With the received amount of CEC, customers can use to trade or exchange for VND; USD; EUR; BTC; ETH; USDT, etc…
  1. In July, when buying CEC at “CEC Bank”, customers will be received extra 10% of the amount of CEC in  31stJuly( Maximum amount of bonus for an account does not exceed 1000 CEC).
 Sincerely thank!
 If you have any questions, please contact our support team or send email to



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