Bitcoin Fundamentals Boom Amid Push to $9,000: Buyers in Control

18/06/2019 - huy

Just last week, a number of analysts were calling for a pullback in the Bitcoin price, citing the fact that per their analysis, BTC was well “overbought” and poised for a correction.

Bitcoin Poised to Correct by 25% Despite BTC Rebound to $8,000

11/06/2019 - huy

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin (BTC) has rebounded, rising from $7,700 to $7,980 as of the time of writing this. With this, many are sure that bulls have returned and a here to stay, especially considering the bears failed to continue to depress digital assets after last weekend’s drop.

Ethereum Usage And Adoption Uptick Has Analysts Bullish On ETH

31/05/2019 - huy

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is gracing all the headlines, Ethereum (ETH) has done quite well for itself over the past few months. Both in terms of price action and fundamentals, the cryptocurrency has fared quite well in this bull-esque run. Let’s take a look at what’s up, and what analysts expect for Ethereum to do next in terms of prices.

BlockFi Slashes Ethereum (ETH) Interest Rate, Bumps BTC

23/05/2019 - huy

Cryptocurrency lending firm BlockFi has announced an update to their interest rates for Bitcoin and Ethereum, with the latter experiencing a severe cutback.

Bitcoin Touches $8,200, Gold Hits Its Highest Point Since April

16/05/2019 - huy

Thursday, May 16 — All of the top 20 coins are in the green after seeing some losses over the past day, with some reporting double-digit gains, according to Coin360.

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Concerned Crypto Industry Hindered by Regulatory Delays

10/05/2019 - huy

United States regulator and so-called “crypto mom” Hester Peirce gave remarks in which she expressed fears that the cryptocurrency industry has been hindered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dragging its heels. Peirce spoke at the Securities Enforcement Forum in East Palo Alto, California on May 10.

Ethereum Core Devs: Funding for ProgPoW 3rd-Party Audit Approved

29/04/2019 - huy

Ethereum (ETH) core developer Hudson Jameson announced that a third-party audit of the Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)-resistant proof-of-work algorithm ProgPoW has been funded. The dev made the announcement during the latest bi-weekly Ethereum core developer meeting held on April 26.

Bitcoin’s Mesmerizing 457% Two-Year Returns Leave the Dow in the Dust

26/04/2019 - huy

Bitcoin’s year-to-date returns of nearly 50% aren’t too shabby. But if you’d have invested in bitcoin two years ago, you would be sitting on a return of more than 457%. Morgan Creek Digital Co-Founder Anthony Pompliano did the back-of-the-napkin math. He proved that there’s a new sheriff in town, even in the face of the stock market’s historic bull run.

Bitcoin Price Sees First ‘Golden Crossover’ Since 2015

24/04/2019 - huy

With bitcoin’s (BTC) move to five-month highs Wednesday, a notable bull cross of key moving averages has formed for the first time in nearly four years.

Tom Lee Updates Bitcoin Misery Index, At Highest Level in Bear Market

22/04/2019 - huy

Popular cryptocurrency pundit and Fundstrat Global Advisors analyst Tom Lee issued an update on his “Bitcoin Misery Index” in an interview with CoinTelegraph published on April 19. According to the analyst, Bitcoin is reaching new heights by the BMI indicators, establishing new markers that have yet to occur in a bear market.

Three Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Rally Has Stalled

16/04/2019 - huy

Bitcoin’s recent price rally has stalled and signs of indecision are evident in the market just a week after a big bullish breakout.

Repeating Fibonacci Cycles Could See Bitcoin Hit $7,500 Before Dumping Back to $4k

10/04/2019 - huy

Patterns are everything and market analysts are constantly scanning charts, both current and previous, for patterns and cycles that could indicate where prices may go next. Bitcoin fervor has hit a new 2019 high over the past few days as BTC finally broke its long term resistance and surged upwards. Where it will go next is the question everyone wants an answer to.


05/04/2019 - huy

Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors believes that the fair value of Bitcoin is around $14,000. The research chief and managing partner at Fundstrat also says that the old Bitcoin whales are back and have begun to buy back massively due to a shift towards positive market sentiments.

Cashless Society Means More Surveillance, Bitcoin Is Indispensable

29/03/2019 - huy

If anything, credit cards have been at the forefront of the cashless trading revolution. But a new entrant is quickly making their dominance a thing of the past. A UNCTAD report states that mobile money payment will overtake card use in some nations as the technology matures.

Bitcoin (BTC) trading volume clarity actually brings ETFs nearer

25/03/2019 - huy

Research by Bitwise Asset Management rocked the crypto industry this week, after it concluded that 95% of reported bitcoin trading volume is fake.

BITCOIN CRYPTO Analyst: Bitcoin Will Break Higher in Next Move Based on 12 Month Trends

20/03/2019 - huy

Price predictions for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets have been coming thick and fast recently as the bottom appears to be extending and the bears running out of steam. Short term price action will help day traders take quick profits but most people eyeing the industry are in it for the long term. Analysts have been taking a look at the past 12 months for patterns in order to predict the next big movement and some agree that it is more likely to be one to the upside.

SEC Chief Confirms Analysis That Ethereum isn’t a Security

13/03/2019 - huy

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton has formally confirmed existing staff analysis that Ethereum and other similar decentralized cryptocurrency assets are not securities, even if they were initially sold through an illegal securities offering.

Overstock’s Blockchain Subsidiary Acquires Stake in Blockchain Banking Platform

12/03/2019 - huy

Retail giant, Inc.’s blockchain subsidiary, Medici Ventures, has acquired a stake in blockchain banking platform Bankorus, according to a press release published on March 11.

If Bitcoin Holds $3,400, BTC at $5,000 By May Is Possible

11/03/2019 - huy

For the first time in a blue moon, the cryptocurrency market’s prospects have seemingly begun to look bright. Analysts have acknowledged this, and have begun to express cautious optimism towards Bitcoin (BTC) and where it could head next.

ShutterstockCrypto Spring Blooms? Bitcoin Transactions Hit Highest Level in 13 Months

08/03/2019 - huy

Positive news has been stretched thin during the “Crypto Winter,” but there are now genuine signs that the ice is beginning to thaw. With Bitcoin showing remarkable resiliency and price stability in a world that wants to write it off, there are many fundamentals to which believers in the world’s largest cryptocurrency like to pay attention. One of these metrics just went through the roof.