Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar: Price Analysis April 11

11/04/2019 - huy

After a minor correction on April 9, Bitcoin (BTC) is attempting to resume its recovery. Both the moving averages are sloping up and the RSI is in the overbought zone. Deeply overbought readings on the RSI warn that the up-move is getting overextended. However, if such a reading is seen during the rally after an extended downtrend, it suggests that the bulls are unwilling to book profits after a short upswing and a trend change is in the offing.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar: Price Analysis April 09

09/04/2019 - huy

Bitcoin (BTC) momentarily ascended above $5,300 but failed to sustain. However, it has been gradually moving up for the past four days even though the RSI is deeply overbought. This is a bullish sign. If the price does not correct within the next few days, the traders waiting to buy the dip will be forced to go long at higher levels or miss out on the opportunity. Hence, a rally to $5,900 looks plausible. The uptrending moving averages show that the bulls are firmly in command.

Crypto Market Rally Continues With Bitcoin Above $4,900, Tech Stocks Bounce Back

03/04/2019 - huy

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is holding its gains following a rally last night, with other major cryptocurrency markets registering solid growth as well.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar: Price Analysis April 2

02/04/2019 - huy

Bitcoin (BTC) is inching towards the overhead resistance of $4,255. The bulls have failed to break out of this resistance twice earlier, hence, we expect the bears to defend this level with full force.

Ethereum May Surge 35% to $200 in Near-Term; What Will Fuel It?

01/04/2019 - huy

Throughout the past month, the price of Ethereum (ETH) increased from $126 to $140, by more than 11 percent against the U.S. dollar.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar: Price Analysis, March 26

26/03/2019 - huy

Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading close to $4,000 for the past few days. This small range trading is unlikely to continue for long. We anticipate a large range move within the next few days.


22/03/2019 - huy

After peppering the $4,000 price point for days, Bitcoin price closed over above the $4k barrier for the first time in March. Let’s take a closer look at the price action to see it there is any sign that this time the price level can be maintained.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar: Price Analysis, March 21

21/03/2019 - huy

Bitcoin (BTC) has been trading in a tight range between $3,950 and $4,035 for the past three days. Usually, a tight consolidation is followed by a range expansion. We expect the bulls to propel the price towards the overhead resistance of $4,255. This level will also act as a stiff resistance. But if the digital currency breaks out and sustains above $4,255, it will complete a double bottom pattern that has a target objective of $5,273.91.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar: Price Analysis, March 19

19/03/2019 - huy

Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Joseph Lubin expects the global economy to grow 10 times in the next 10 to 20 years, powered by the mass use of blockchain technology. According to him, the current condition of the nascent space is similar to the use of email in 1983, when only a handful of early adopters were using it.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar: Price Analysis, March 14

14/03/2019 - huy

Barclays internet analyst Ross Sandler believes that a cryptocurrency by Facebook could add $19 billion to its revenue by 2021. If that happens, it will help expand the reach of cryptocurrencies and will be a major sentiment booster for the whole sector.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar: Price Analysis, March 7

07/03/2019 - huy

Crypto companies are attracting talent from traditional industries. This shows that firms in the crypto space are preparing for the long-term, undeterred by the current bear market. Similarly, traditional companies are attempting gain footing in the crypto space. Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four auditing firms, has come up with a tool for calculating taxes on crypto holdings. The software will cater to both institutional and retail clients.

Bitcoin Lights First Green Candle in 8 Months: Has Accumulation Begun?

02/03/2019 - huy

For the first time in eight months since July 2017, Bitcoin has recorded a green monthly candle on its 1-month price chart.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar: Price Analysis, Feb. 26

26/02/2019 - huy

A bottom formation after a long bear market is not a linear process. At various intervals, we are likely to witness spurts of buying and selling as the bulls and the bears attempt to establish their supremacy. After a smart recovery from the lows, when it looked like the bears had surrendered, came the plunge on Feb. 24, that wiped off about $15 billion from the total market capitalization within a few minutes.

What are the Possibilities of Bitcoin hitting $4000 in the Next 24hrs?

20/02/2019 - huy

Perhaps the bulls have returned, perhaps they haven’t. Either way, the big bulls has intensified its momentum in many ways than one. In trading price, volume and market capitalization, Bitcoin has increased by more than 5% since the week began.

Daily Volume Reaches New 2019 High in Monday Crypto Rally

19/02/2019 - huy

Following a week of inactivity crypto markets are finally moving again this Monday. A rally which started a few hours ago has seen daily volume increase to $26 billion which marks a new high for 2019.

Bitcoin & Ethereum Grind Upwards as Crypto Market Crosses $120 Billion

23/01/2019 - Thúy Huyền

By Tuesday afternoon saw Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash post minor against the backdrop of a tepid crypto market recovery. Bitcoin SV continues to teeter on the brink of being the only major Bitcoin variant to not rank among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, closing out the period with a less than 0.5% gain.

Bitcoin Price Pops to $3,700, Crypto Markets Turn Green

15/01/2019 - huy

The flagship cryptocurrency, battered by three major sell-offs within the past week that dropped it as low as $3,481, staged a moderate recovery on Tuesday popping above $3,700

Bitcoin Analysis: Bullish Correction Still Possible if Price Holds Above $3,550

11/01/2019 - huy

The bitcoin price on Friday plunged more than 8 percent across the Asian and European trading session, according to aggregated market data at

Bitcoin Price Smashes Through $4,000 — Is a Breakout Imminent?

07/01/2019 - huy

The bitcoin price on Monday surged as high as 7.7 percent against the US dollar backed by a bullish yearly prediction.

Bitcoin Price Closing in on Resistance at $4,000 — Will The Rally Hold?

03/01/2019 - huy

The bitcoin price on Thursday showed minor upside movements as it maintained the gains made during yesterday’s session.