Instructions for opening the CEC wallet on mobile

30/07/2018 - huy
Instructions for opening the CEC wallet on mobile:


Step 1 : Create a new account on To create a new Stellarterm account on mobile, you use an application called LOBSTR.


Step 1.1 : Download the LOBSTR application 

For Android phones, visit: ...


For iPhone / iPad, visit: ...
Step 1.2. After finishing installation, you press “Create new wallet” to create new wallet address on Lobstr or press on “Link existing wallet” connecting to the available wallet address.


Step 2: Enable account
In order to use Stellar account, you need to enable account by sending 5 XLM to the address you have registered above. You can buy XLM from CoinExtra Exchange or others such as: Binance, Bittrex,…. Afterwards, you transfer XLM to your wallet address to enable  your account.
Step 3: Register using CEC wallet account on LOBSTR application
Step 3.1: Login at LOBSTR,  then select "Home> Assetts”


Step 3.2. Go to the "Assets" page and click More assets> Add custom
Step 3.3.  Enter domain and click “Search for” , after searching  is completed, click on domain, then click "Add asset" to add CEC.
So, you have had the CEC wallet on mobile.


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