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Crypto market is becoming more popular and thriving. Currently, South East Asian countries are playing an important role in Cryptocurrencies space. Realizing that Indonesia is an important emerging market and is on the list of top countries in Crypto market, CoinExtra with its global mission had a launch event in Indonesia on March 21, 2019.


There are over 100 people who are Indonesian investors with extensive experience trading on and also new members of Crypto market attending at event.


The purpose of this event was to announce that the CoinExtra Exchange was officially presented in the Indonesian market. CoinExtra has integrated IDR currency into its trading system. From now on, customers can trade and exchange Cryptocurrencies with IDR  (Indonesian Fiat currency) easily and quickly. Currently, CoinExtra is supporting 4 types of currency transactions: BTC, ETH, XLM and CEC.


Also at the event,  attenders got more knowledge about CoinExtra's blockchain ecosystem and was answered all questions involved in trading at This is appreciated by Indonesian investors community because CoinExtra has chosen a completely different step from other Crypto exchanges. That is to focus on serving users.  With the mission of spreading awareness of Cryptocurrencies and with experienced team in Crypto, the Event also focused on providing information and guiding users from the basic to advancement. Attending the Event, customers understood more about this field and obtained the official information and lots of attractive policies from CoinExtra Exchange.


In addition to the presentation and answering questions from the CoinExtra, the Event also get the sharing of a trader with many years of experience from the FX market, to the stock market and now is Crypto market.
The Event was very successful thanks to the contribution and sharing of many customers. At the end of the Event, new customers opened an account on CoinExtra Exchange and experienced buying / selling transactions on the Exchange.


With constant efforts and with a professionally experienced team,CoinExtra promises to explode in this potential market.Hope that this new step of CoinExtra will help Crypto market grow and be widely accepted around the world, contributing to boosting the Crypto market.


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