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Since 19.02.2019, CoinExtra Club member (CEE Club) has been officially held by CoinExtra.


1. CEE Club program


CEE Club program is the program for customers to accummulate CEC bonus points, bringing CoinExtra’s customers with best preferences.


2. Conditions and participants:


- As a customer opening an account, making transactions at CoinExtra Exchange.


- Members are linked to Club in the long-term until they do not participate or close their  accounts.


3. Interests of members:


- Enjoy the preferential service price


- Awarded Bonus points


- Receive links to introduce new members to join "CEE Club member program"


- Participatie in CEE’s  award - giving programs


- Be together to share experiences for trading coin, get business and investment advice


- Obtain the goal of striving towards being preminer members.


4. What is the CEC Bonus?


CEC Bonus is a bonus point that CoinExtra awards for customers when they achieve  goals of Club. CEC Bonus points is at the exchange rate: 01 point = 01 CEC Bonus = 01 CEC.


5. Classes of CEE Club members:


- Customer after successful registration of opening an account will become USER member.


- Based on the accumulated ranking points in CEC Bonus account, the member is recognized as a class: User, Assistant, Supervisor, Manager and enjoy preferential policies corresponding to each class. The membership rating scale will be applied as follows: 


Ranking point
Class of Member
5000 CEC Bonus or greater than
1000 – 4999 CEC Bonus
200 – 999 CEC Bonus
0 – 199 CEC Bonus


6. Bonus preferences once for class promotion




1. On the occasion of CEE club establishment, new registration accounts at CoinExtra will be awarded 50 CEC bonus.


2. Every month, Manager members will be rewarded with % of total CEC bonus accumulated in the month of all members they refer directly to CEE Club, specially for each class as follows:


Note: Only counted from % of bonus points arised in the month, not included in bonus points from the invited person.


3. Members of each class will be refunded % of their transaction fee at CEE during the month as follows:


Menber class
% of transaction fee refunded


Note: Only count accounts with the transaction fee at equal to or greater than 50 CEC


4. When members own with equal to or greater than 2000 CEC which remain continuously in that week, they will be rewarded % CEC bonus interest per week. The higher the class is, the more the interest is. On 5th  every month, the CoinExtra system will automatically add interest of the previous month on members’s CEC Bonus accounts.The interest for each class is as follows:


Member class
0,9%/ week
0,8%/ week
0,7%/ week


5. Participate in  award- giving programs held by CoinExtra to get CEC Bonus. These are posted on channels:, Group Telegram “CoinExtra Vietnammese”, Fanpage Facebook CoinExtra,


Note: User members only participate in some award-giving programs of CEE Club.


6. CoinExtra will award jackpot points for accounts earning the most CEC bonus points during the week/month:


01 The First Prize : 10.000 CEC bonus ≈ 10.000 POUND
For accounts accumulating the most CEC bonus points during the month.
01 The Second Prize: 5.000 CEC bonus ≈ 5.000 POUND
For accounts accumulating the second CEC bonus points during the week/ month.
01 The Third Prize: 1.000 CEC bonus ≈ 1.000 POUND
For accounts accumulating the third CEC bonus points during the week/ month.
10 random lucky draw prizes x 50 CEC Bonus (applied to all members)
10 random lucky draw prizes x 200 CEC Bonus (applied from Assistant class)


7. The prize for the Top 03 accounts with the most CEC bonus during the year.


On January 15th 2020, we will reward for 03 the most CEC bonus accounts in 2019:


01 The First Prize  : 100.000 CEC bonus ≈ 100.000 POUND
For accounts with the most CEC bonus balance on December, 31st 2019
01 The Second Prize  : 50.000 CEC bonus ≈ 50.000 POUND
For accounts with the second CEC bonus balance on December, 31st 2019
01  The Consolation Prize: 20.000 CEC bonus ≈ 20.000 POUND
For accounts with the third CEC bonus balance on December, 31st 2019
10 giải khuyến khích x 1.000 CEC bonus
Lucky draw on January, 15th 2020 at the award ceremony(  applied from Assistant class)


The prize for Top 03 will be added on CEC bonus account.




1. Regulation for exchanging bonus:


All accounts with minimum CEC bonus( current regulation is 200 CEC Bonus) will be converted to 200 CEC and customers can use it in the market with the rate on December 19th 2019: 01 CEC <=> 01 POUND.


2. Preferences for exchanging bonus:


When the bigger the CEC bonus balance is, the more members will get corresponding promotion and preferences. Awarded Bonuses will be add on CEC Bonus account.




1. CEC Bonus points are equivalent to  CEC. When you reach 200 CEC Bonus, you can change to CEC.


2. Rewards points after redemption will be deducted accordingly from the Bonus account and may affect your member class.


3. Each account are added bonus preferences only one time for class promotion. Incase members draw CeC bonus which results in relegation but then accumulate CEC Bonus for class promotion again, their accounts will not be added bonus for promotion again.


4. Bonus points are only used for each rewarded member, not for transfer to other members.


5. Encourage customers to accumulate CEC Bonus points up to the end of the term to have the opportunity to receive high value prizes and get the best preferences when upgrading.




1. The members should carefully the contents of the policy of accumulating points and exchanging rewards before participating in the program. The accumulation of points will be done by CoinExtra in accordance with the relevant provisions of the current law. The reward for customers is strictly implemented in accordance with the program rules issued.


2. CoinExtra reserves the right to change, cancel or supplement the Terms of Policy without prior notice. The latest policy information will be updated on the website, on the Blog page and Group Telegram.


3. CoinExtra reserves the right to use registered Member information at Coinextra to send notices about CoinExtra’s policy-related information.


4. CoinExtra is not responsible if information related to Policy aren’t sent to you due to information inaccuracy.


5. In case of detecting fraud, CoinExtra reserves the right to close the Member's account to solve and will handle according to situation.


6. In case the customer closes the account, the accumulated points immediately expire. Customer does not have the right to transfer the accumulated points to any other third party.


CoinExtra Team.
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