Become member of CEE ClUB and gather CEC Bonus to have opportunity to receive prize up to 100.000 CEC Bonus ≈ 100.000 GBP

05/06/2019 - huy
On 15/01/2020, CoinExtra will process to reward to 03 accounts have the most CEC Bonus balance in 2020:
✔️01 First prize: 100.000 CEC bonus ≈ 100.000 GBP for the account have the highest CEC bonus balance  at 31/12/2019.
✔️01 Second prize: 50.000 CEC bonus ≈ 50.000 GBP for the account have second highest CEC bonus balance at 31/12/2019.
✔️01 Third prize: 20.000 CEC bonus ≈ 20.000 GBP for the account have the third highest CEC bonus ba;ance at 31/12/2019.
✔️10 Consolation prizes, each prize will get 1000 CEC Bonus ≈ 1000 GBP.
➡️Consolation prizes will be randomly draw in 15/01/2020 at award ceremony.
➡️Consolation prizes only apply to Assistant class and above.
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