15/03/2019 - huy


CoinExtra is pleased to announce,


✔️ To make best conditions for customers, CoinExtra has officially launched Euro Market on 15.03.2019.


✔️ Euro market is opened for the purpose of bringing the most popular payment method for customers in the world. Customers can easily and quickly trade BTC/EURO; ETH/EURO; XLM/EURO and CEC/EURO pairs at CoinExtra Exchange.


✔️ On the occasion of lannching EURO MARKET, customers trading at Euro Market will get the following preferences:


1. Be returned trading fee up to 50% with CEC bonus in 2019.


2. Any account depositing Euro on CoinExtra Exchange for the first time will be added 2% of the total of depositing amount with CEC Bonus.


3. Any account buy BTC, ETH, XLM, CEC will be added 1% of the total of buying amount with CEC Bonus. (until the end of 30.04.2019)


➡️ 1 CEC <=> 1 EURO


If you have any matter, please contact directly with our Support team or send email to



Best regards,


CoinExtra Team.
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